Australian Vanilla Plantation Pty Ltd, is a registered Australian company set up to investigate growing and processing Vanilla (Beans) pods in Australia.

Company Objectives:

  • To develop a Quality Assurance plan for Vanilla production that will provide consumers with the highest level of confidence in the quality of our Australian product.
  • To apply the latest science to the growing and processing of Vanilla planifolia
  • To develop new, and expand existing technologies (growing, propagation and curing)
  • To research key aspects that will give us an advantage in the world market
  • To develop a leading world class product that will attract a premium price
  • To reduce and minimise the costs in growing and curing vanilla in Australia
  • To become a leading supplier of Vanilla Beans and associated products


Since 2002, three individuals with specific expertise have formed a company that will give commercial vanilla production in Australia its best opportunity to date. The team members have extensive knowledge and practical backgrounds in the following areas -:


Many years experience with tropical crop production, plus experience of growing vanilla. Local knowledge of the potential vanilla growing areas of Northern Queensland.

We now have an experimental plantation in this State.

Post Harvest treatment (Curing)

We have researched current world best practices and have a proposed study of a fast curing method with UWS which will lay the foundation for a superior product at lower cost.


Have more than twenty years experience with this process.


Have local and international contacts with customers, traders and agents.

Product Development

We have the sensory evaluation, and other skills needed to commercially develop new and innovative products.

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